Sara Giannini

Can We Talk About Art with Aphasic Tongues?

Focusing on the collection of the René Daniëls Foundation, the project investigates the potential of aphasic language and dysfunctional communication to detour archival practice and writing. Daniëls’ artistic production discloses a poetic space which is condensed, rarified and nonunderstandable through a rational skin.

My research wishes to engage with this “nonunderstandable,” exploring ways of relating rather than categorising. Such ways contemplate various forms of linguistic and bodily channeling and will unfold through workshops with speakers of abnormal tongues. These various moments should coalesce into new archival constellations that don’t rest on conventional parameters but rather on poetic, opaque, aphasic or fictional correlations. Through the workshops, the project wishes to enter lateral dimensions of knowledge and open a space of encounter between fruition and enunciation inside the museum. Inspired by Édouard Glissant’s “right to opacity” and Susan Sontag’s idea of an “erotics of art,” the resulting archive aims to resist reduction, nourish desire, and encourage multiplicity.

Results of the research can be seen in the exhibition OWNNOW on the 2nd floor of the Collection Building from 8.7 - 3.9.2017.

Sara Giannini is a semiotician engaged in curating, writing, and editing. Her research focuses on the liminality of language and representation resulting in collaborative projects with artists, curators and practitioners in other disciplines. Influenced by her background in theatre, her projects merge performativity and theory to probe the tropes and places of exhibition making. She is the initiator and chief-editor of the online library/exhibition UnfoldThe Volume Project and curator of the upcoming event series Heterotropics (September 2016/May 2017, various locations, Amsterdam). Together with curator Kris Dittel she forms the joint-research trajectory The Translation Trip. Since 2012 she coordinates and curates experimental research sessions in different cities of the world with the nomadic artistic network OuUnPo | Ouvrier d’Univers Potentiels. She lives and works between Amsterdam and Civitanova Marche, her home town.