Conceptualism - Intersectional Readings, International Framings

Conceptualism - Intersectional Readings, International Framings

Situating 'Black Artists & Modernism' in Europe

This e-publication includes a  collection of revised and expanded papers from the conference Conceptualism: Intersectional Readings, International Framings, Black Artists & Modernism in Europe Since 1968 that took place at the Van Abbemuseum in December 2017. The conference and the accompanying e-publication gathers artists, curators and academics to consider two broad, overarching questions: Firstly, how to rethink conceptualism intersectionally and internationally as a strategy rather than as a movement; and secondly how to situate ‘black artists’ and ‘modernism’ within Europe? The conference and corresponding publication includes key note lectures by Iris Dressler and Valerie Cassel-Oliver. Sections on ‘Intersectional Readings’ and ‘International Framings’ are accompanied by a focus on the work of Nil Yalter, stanley bouwn, David Medalla and Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc. The e-pub is free to download and includes recordings of the original presentations. 

Editors: Nick Aikens, susan pui san lok, Sophie Orlando
Associate Editor: Janine Armin
Assistant Editor: Evelien Scheltinga

Download the e-pub Conceptualism - Intersectional Readings, International Framings here.

Contributors: Nick Aikens, Juan Albarrán, Lotte Arndt, Eva Bentcheva, Sonia Boyce, Jennifer Burris, Valerie Cassel Oliver, Laura Castagnini, Alice Correia, Sandra Delacourt,David Dibosa, Fabienne Dumont, Iris Dressler, E. C. Feiss, Annie Fletcher, Alexandra Kokoli, Charl Landvreugd,Elisabeth Lebovici, Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, susan pui san lok, Sophie Orlando, Sumesh Sharma, Sarah Wilson, Wei Yu

The conference and e-publication was a collaboration between the Van Abbemuseum and the research project Black Artist and Modernism. 

BLACK ARTISTS & MODERNISM is a three-year research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council led by University of the Arts London in collaboration with Middlesex University London.

Conceptualism – Intersectional Readings, International Framings: Situating ‘Black Artists & Modernism’ in Europe is made possible with support from University of the Arts London, Middlesex University, London Arts and Humanities Research Council, Mondriaan Fund.