Obama, Biennales and the love of money
Glen Ligon
Uit de keuken van de curator

Obama, Biennales and the love of money


So reason for being in Miami in the first place? As a participant of the de Appel Curatorial Programme we were sent on our “big research trip” to the den of sin – Art Basel Miami – and something less high profile, Houston, Texas and from there, the Big Easy (the post-Katrina animal of New Orleans). Something of a mixed but necessarily diverse bag of aesthetic and personal experiences. In ten days, well, yes, it is not nearly possible to gain an informed impression of anywhere – however, the intense mode in which we were working and meeting various practitioners, thinking and reading, some insights into what is an incredibly financially and socially complex art network in a super power in crisis.

What are the ethics of drinking free champagne, walking round neglected downtown, mostly black populated neighbourhoods in high heels toting thousand dollar cameras and Gucci bags, or indeed art tourism in a city still grappling with the devastation of man-made disasters three years on? These are all some questions raised, asking is more important than answering right?