Uit de keuken van de curator

On the plane


Some thoughts about plug in xl.

Talking to chris recently and thinking about the way we communicate the process of 15 months, I think we need to understand the total exhibition as slow move from the familiar to revealing something new. This means we need to start at least in the oudbouw with a relatively traditional presentation using the fixed chronology and probably some known masterworks (as they were called in the old days). We could look at reproducing previous installations of the collection to give some authority to what we do. Also, we should already here begin to undermine the narrative – Solakov ‘not so White cube’, Brouwn square, Richard Wright wall painting?, ‘what does it mean to own an image?, Mladen’s “The Artist at Work” to name a few. But these should be small, almost hidden interventions. You could read the show without them – almost. In the new building we could show more of the clouds of issues but again think to start from the familiar. I think this idea could help with the decision about choreography but I won’t go further til u all have a chance to respon