Why we have to ask questions and keep annoying people
Uit de keuken van de curator

Why we have to ask questions and keep annoying people


Nice (edited) quote from Brian Holmes:

“What we really need is to spend a lot more time asking each other whether our cultural fictions – our architecture and images, our hierarchies and ambitions and ideas and narratives – are any good for us, whether they can be used in an interesting way, and what kind of subjectivity they produce what kind of society they elicit. To do that effectively, we also need to invent new fictions. Only by imagining different possible realities can we engage in the deconstruction and reconstruction of the complex machines that configure ourselves and our society and make them work in the specific ways they do.

Art can offer a chance to society to reflect together on the imaginary figures it depends upon for it’s very consistency, it’s self-understanding. But this is exactly where our societies are failing, and failing miserably, as a result of the way artistic invention and display has been instituted as a central economic function over the last twenty years”

There is lots more from the book “unleashing the collective phantoms” that is a lot about museums and there possible role. He is also very interesting on the need for a new understanding of autonomy but I think this quote says most about why we have to push our audience to bear what they don’t want. We have another kind of responsibility because we are concerned with the imagination.

I have the book and will be happy to share more of it….