Low, Alan Sparhawk. Still: Jacques Laureys, N.S.C.
Low. Foto Tim Soter
LOW - You May Need A Murderer

Heartland Film III

LOW - You May Need A Murderer

14:00 uur
Gratis toegang met geldig museum entreebewijs. U kunt ook een los kaartje voor de film kopen voor € 3,50.

De Nederlandse documentairemaker David Kleijwegt zal een korte inleiding geven over zijn film LOW - You May Need A Murderer (2007).

De film is Engels gesproken en niet ondertiteld.

Op 22 january presenteren het Muziekcentrum Eindhoven en het Van Abbemuseum het slotconcert van het project Heartland: LOW & Special Guests in de Catharinakerk in Eindhoven.


Filmed by Dutch documentary maker David Kleijwegt in 2007, You May Need A Murderer follows indie rock's favourite Mormon band as they perform live, and hang around at home. This film captures husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker on the road and set into their family life. The documentary is "a portrait of the band Low", but the story revealed is the personality of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Alan Sparhawk: the rock star and the parent of two young children; the devout Mormon and the political critic; the poet and the philosopher. The picture Kleijwegt paints of the Minnesota native is one of intense focus, constant questioning and frustrating resentment for most of what's happening in the world.

Low was formed during the early Nineties in reaction to the heavily distorted world of grunge that was then in full bloom. With his wife (drummer, co-songwriter and angelic vocalist Mimi Parker) and a series of other collaborators, Low created fragile and austere songs with a minimalist attitude and a penchant for moving vocal harmonies that would eventually be pigeonholed as "slowcore." The emotional weight of a Low song is in the lyrics (”roadside poems of observation and fatigue with echoes of religious belief) but the vocal harmonies are what capture the music fans' attention. It becomes a catalyst for accepting the typically bleak stories as beautiful human experiences rather than the exhaustion of conscious human life.

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