Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Invisible empire : undefined spaces

30/10/2009 - 16/11/2009

The term “No man’s land” is generally accepted as an unlimited combat area in between two enemy trenches. It is a space that neither side openly...

Opening: 30/10/2009 15:30
Conservatoren: Freek Lomme

“Invisible empire : undefined spaces” is a project that inquires into this narrow mental process while questioning governing traditions that structure citizens, lifestyles and beliefs.


- Brian Balderston (New-York)
- Chad Stayrook –Jose Ruiz / Bandwagon team (New-York)
- Rachel Wilberforce (London)
- Yasmeen Al Awadi (London)
- Julia Boix-Vives (France / Netherland)
- Karin van Pinxteren 
- Rose Lejeune (Curator, London)
- Clare Sheppeard (Curator London)


October 30th, 15:30, auditorium Van Abbemuseum.

Special events

Friday 30 October: conference Jean-Michel Crapanzano Van Abbe auditorium : introduction, presentation of work / concept of the project. “Zapping” presentation as exemple of collaborative project, video projection.

Tuesday 3-Wednesday 4 : video projection Jean-Michel Crapanzano. The artist’s team will also present video projection at the museum, spontanaously, during the workshop ( 30th October -13th November). 

Sunday 8 November: interview Yasmeen Al Awadi + Chad Stayrook+ Brian Balderston , Van Abbe auditorium : presentation of their work, introduction, discussions.

Wednesday 11th November, 14.00 : meeting Rachel Wilberforce, Brian Balderston, Chad Stayrook, Julia Boix-Vives, Karin van Pinxteren at Your-space : discussions, exchanges.

Friday 13 November:  last brainstorming,  Rose Lejeune + Rachel Wilberforce + Jm Crapanzano , Your space : conclusion, presentation of the work made during the residency.

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