The space of post autonomy

20/03/2009 - 01/05/2009

David Goldenberg (UK) will develop a script by mapping notions of Post Autonomy with numerous interested and engaged people. This will lead to a vocal...

Opening: 09/04/2009 20:00
Conservatoren: Freek Lomme

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The new work continues the London based artist David Goldenberg’s ongoing series into the mental image of Post Autonomy, and develops ideas first examined in a work for the10th Istanbul Biennial in 2007 that revolved around the questions “How and where is it possible to materialise the space of post autonomy?" 

A script for a verbal work, made in collaboration with people who enter into the project, composed of observations and transcripts of discussions will be the main vehicle to knit together and reflect the spectrum of thinking, decisions, actions, points of view that take place during the course of the event. The verbal work is planned to be presented by local people in and around a floor drawing at the end of the project.

To establish the space for post autonomy requires locating new spaces for art, in this case a space outside or beyond a Euro-centric tradition of art. Here the process of thinking through and understanding the mental image of post autonomy is equivalent to establishing a new model of art. The project of Post Autonomy therefore takes the form of a thought experiment that imagines how a new model of art is able to be constructed now, when no new models exist, how to recognise a new model, the use of a new model, and how a new model is capable of resolving the many problems and contradictions inherent in the existing model, and finally how to communicate ideas about this new model? This questioning takes place around the visual aid of a floor drawing, and a programme of activities, discussions and online debates intended to explore mapping and understanding the space of post autonomy represented by the area marked out by the floor drawing.

David Goldenberg will be in your-space:
Mondays 13:00- 18:00
Thursdays 13:00- 18:00
Feel free to ring the doorbell, to check if we're around.

Programme of activities:

9 April 2009
Introduction into the work of David Goldenberg, and the project planned for your-space 

9-29 April 2009
Workshops, talks, activities around Eindhoven

1 May 2009
Presentation of the final work

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