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Van Abbe On Tour

Estafette tentoonstelling bij zeven Vitalis zorginstellingen
04/11/2018 - 12/05/2019

Van 4 nov 2018 t/m 12 mei 2019 is het Van Abbemuseum on tour bij 7 locaties van Vitalis  woonzorginstellingen voor senioren. In totaal 15 topstukken...

Opening: 04/11/2018 14:30

From November 4th 2018 to May 12th 2019, the Van Abbemuseum goes on tour to 7 different locations of Vitalis living facilities for seniors. A total of 15 masterpieces from the museum collection of which exact replicas have been made (including work by Picasso, Mondrian, Van Doesburg, Warhol, Kandinsky, and Lissitzky) make up a travelling exhibit and reach around 3.000 seniors, employees, and volunteers. At every location, the opening takes places at 14.30 hours on the first Sunday of the exhibit. A museum guide will then also provide a tour at this temporary museum location. Every third Sunday of each exhibit at 14.30 hours, the exhibit will be closed with a festive ending with, among other things, a performance by the Van Abbe museum choir. These openings and closings are open to the general public. During the exhibit, there are multiple activities on site exploring the art works. In preparation, employees of Vitalis will receive a crash course in art appreciation to learn how they can engage the seniors in an accessible conversation about art. Such talks will enhance the experience of the exhibit in a profound and memorable way.


Sunday November 4 2018

Vitalis Wilgenhof

Sunday November 18 2018

Saturday November 24 2018

Vitalis Wissenhaege

Sunday November 25 2018

Sunday January 6 2019

Vitalis Berckelhof

Sunday January 20 2019

Sunday February 3 2019

Vitalis Horst/Kronehoef

Sunday February 17 2019

Sunday March 10 2019

Vitalis Peppelrode

Sunday March 24 2019

Sunday April 7 2019

Vitalis Brunswijk

Sunday April 21 2019

Sunday May 5 2019

Vitalis Jean Sibelius

Sunday May 12 2019


Bezoekers in het Van Abbemuseum 
Foto: Boudewijn Bollmann
Bezoekers in het Van Abbemuseum 
Foto: Boudewijn Bollmann