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Museum History and Archives

The exhibition and management archives are an integral part of the library’s collection. The two archives together serve as the working memory of the organization as the museum archive. It contains primary and partly unpublished sources (including policy memorandums, minutes and correspondence) about the history of the museum. As such they also provide a picture of developments in the art and museum world since 1936. The museum archive has been extensively documented in René Pingen’s study “Dat museum is een mijnheer” 

Management Archive 1936-1989 

The management archive contains archive materials about the history of the museum. You can find information there about the background of the collection and exhibition policy. For example, in addition to correspondence from and to the former directors of the museum, the museum contains files about the Advisory and Supervisory Committee. In addition, there are files about the way in which the museum used to organize museum lessons, amongst other things. The museum employees were obviously also active in numerous external cultural committees, organizations and editorial boards. The results of these activities can also be found in the archives, e.g., the minutes and correspondence with the well-known “Museumjournaal” and the “Stichting Openbaar Kunstbezit”. All the documents concerning the period 1936-1989 can be consulted online to the mediabank. You can find more general information in the inventories:

Management archive inventory 1936-1989

Management archive inventory 1980-1989

Museum History

We are presenting special archive materials and documents about the history of the museum in the series on the museum’s history, starting at the beginning: the opening of the museum in 1936.