polyphonic collection

Take a peek as a listener over the shoulders of different locals from Eindhoven. They have enriched artworks from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum with their own observations - from neighbours to museum staff and expats.During a visit to the museum these people have walked around the museum in small groups and took their time properly looking at the artworks. Their spontaneous reactions, considerations and vivid exchanges are recorded and assembled in short audio fragments by the duo Adelijn van Huis and Heleen Hummelen from Kunstkijken / Hummel&deBoer.

The observations are polyphonic: different people talk about the same artwork. When the audio is combined, a newly composed vision arises. Your own personal view is enriched with considerations, observations, associations and questions from others. The Polyphonic Collection is a form of peer-inspiration: an invitation to look at art in your own way!

Writer and artist Miek Zwambord wrote a piece after her visit to the Polyphonic Collection, which can be read here (in Dutch). 

Click here for a full list of discussed artworks.

Participants and makers

Well-known citizens from Eindhoven: alderman, journalist, city marketeer
Special Guests: visually impaired, hearing impaired, disabled
Youth: school students from Eindhoven 
Neighbours: people who live and work close to the museum
Promotors of the Van Abbe: attorneys and photographer
Employees of the Van Abbe: gardener, head technical service, room guards
Friends of the museum (Vrienden van het Van Abbe): young and older
Expats: from different networks from Eindhoven

Adelijn van Huis, KUNSTKIJKEN

Heleen Hummelen, Hummel&deBoer

in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum as part of 'Collection and Context', 2015.
Copyright lies with the makers. Publish under license Creative Commons.