look first, then see

Workshop - Look first, then see

"Never judge a work of art by its defects."
Washington Allston

Workshop inspired by the method ‘Visual Thinking Strategies’

During this workshop, participants are invited to view and talk about a number of works of art together. The discussion leader asks questions, gives feedback, and asks on. There is never a wrong answer, because the basic question is what you can see. What someone sees in a work of art can differ from person to person. Everyone has their own knowledge and experiences, so everyone has a different frame of reference. Hearing someone else's vision can make you adjust your own first idea. Or you build on what another participant said. Together you get so much more out of an artwork than you could have done on your own.

The method used by the moderator is based on Visual Thinking Strategies, a method developed from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It turned out that visitors do not remember much from a tour if the information provided does not adequately match their experience. (Even if they found it very interesting during the tour!) The starting point for this method is therefore the input of the visitor, not the knowledge of the discussion leader. Everyone, regardless of education and cultural background, can participate, no background knowledge is required.

By saying what you see, you will watch more accurate. By hearing different visions, you broaden your view. Watching together leads to seeing more!

Costs of participating in this workshop (2 hours) are € 35,50 per person. A maximum of 15 persons per group. 

What do we offer?

• Learn how to look in a different way
• Learn how to listen more carefully
• Learn how to formulate in a better way

More information

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Download flyer 'Kunst inspireert!' (Art inspires) (only available in Dutch).