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Venue rental

Photo: Ewout Huibers

Are you looking for a beautiful location for an inspiring meeting for your team, company or relations? The Van Abbemuseum offers an inspiring environment to entertain your guests. Below you will find an overview of our facilities.

  • The auditorium
  • The studio
  • The meetingroom
  • The classroom
  • The Karel 1 museumcafé

For reservations, more information or a quotation, please contact the reservations department.
T: +31 40 238 10 42


The auditorium is a big and comfortable room, designed by interior architect and designer Maarten van Severen. It is ideal for meetings, presentations, and interactive webinars. The auditorium offers theater seating with hall and balcony seats. 

Auditorium specifications

  • Total surface area: 140 m2
  • Stage: 2,75 x 5 meter
  • Facilities: lectern, internet, equipment for display, light and sound
  • Capacity: 115 people (80 hall seats, 35 balcony seats)
  • Price: €600 per half day


The studio is located in the heart of the museum. This special room has fixed seating in a round tribune setting. The studio is a welcoming space for presentations, debates, courses and workshops. 

Studio specifications

  • Total surface area: 140 m2
  • Facilities: internet, equipment for display, light and sound
  • Capacity: 100 people
  • Price: €600 per half day

Conference room

The conference room is adjacent to the museum cafe's vide, and has a square seating arrangement. Are you hosting a smaller meeting or conference? Then the conference room is the space for you.

Conference room specifications

  • Total surface area: 20 m2
  • Facilities: internet, interactive touchscreen with built-in computer and connections
  • Capacity: 12 people, in square seating arrangement
  • Price: €165 per half day


The classroom is a bright, open room with big windows offering a view of the water pond. The classroom is flexible, allowing for both theater and square seating arrangements. A highly versatile space, suitable for courses, team meetings, brainstorm sessions, and conferences. 

Classroom specifications

  • Total surface area: 80 m2
  • Capacity: 40 people (theater seating), 20 people (square seating)
  • Price: €300 per half day

Karel 1 museumcafé

Looking for a more informal space? Choose Karel 1 museumcafé. Belgian designer Erwin de Muer designed the cafe and terrace situated at the Dommel river. The vide has a sitting and lounge area. Ideal for meetings, a (business) lunch, or to have drinks. Even a dinner, reception or large party can be arranged. Visit the Karel 1 museumcafé website for more information. 

Karel 1 museumcafé Specifications

  • Walking dinner: 125 people
  • Seated dinner: 100 people
  • Reception: 300 people
  • Party: 250 people
  • Price: on request