De Stijl concert: Menschen-Worte


De Stijl concert: Menschen-Worte

14:00 - 16:00

Menschen-Worte is a theatrical concert inspired by Dadaism and De Stijl. Astrid Kruisselbrink has made a composition using the texts of Hans Arp. This German-French artist wrote numerous poems and founded the Cologne department of Dada, a movement which arose at the same time as De Stijl. In Menschen-Worte, Arp’s poems form the starting point for a contemporary, exciting and innovative concert. 


Antje Lohse, mezzosoprano
Marieke Franssen, flute 
Jelte van Andel, double bass
Miriam Overlach, harp.



Location and entrance fee

The concert takes place in the auditorium. Costs are €3,50 per person (pay on site). On presentation of a valid entrance ticket, you can attend the concert for free. 


This event has been possible, in part, through funding provided by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

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