Drawing in the museum - Glowcreating

Illustratie Helen Storm

Drawing in the museum Glowcreating

19:00 - 21:00
Pre-glow in the Van Abbemuseum

Helen Storm is inviting you for the second edition of drawing workshops in the museum. We're going to pre-glow in the museum, since November is GLOW month in Eindhoven. In the collection presentation The Way Beyond Art all kinds of artworks are gathered that tell something about borders, identity and culture. What creates our need of belonging, to a group, a country, a nation or even a landscape? Tonight we're creating new city folklore objects. Blacklight makes us aware of how to paint and sculpt with shadow and light.

About Helen Storm

Helen lived like a real Londoner for a few years; she was a market vendor, freelance designer and illustrator, neighbor, friend and barista. Back in Eindhoven, she makes illustrated cards for Engslish and Dutch retailers, draws with the new neighbors and works at the Hutspot store. This season Helen is giving drawing workshops in the museum. 

Go to Helen's website.

If you want to join, please purchase your ticket (€5,-) here. This ticket also includes museum entrance and materials. 

Experience is absolutely not necessary, anyone can join! You have the chance to experience the museum and the artworks by doing, not only by looking and talking.