Fréderike Geerdink and Rojava Film Commune - a day about art and journalism from, out and about Rojava, northern Syria

Lotte Stekelenburg
Fréderike Geerdink
Rovaja Film Commune

Fréderike Geerdink and Rojava Film Commune a day about art and journalism from, out and about Rojava, northern Syria

11:45 - 17:00

On April 7 there are two events in the People’s Parliament Rojava.
In the early afternoon a discussion in Dutch with journalist Fréderike Geerdink. In the later afternoon a discussion and the screening of film fragments with filmmaker Diyar Hesso, co-founder of the Rojava Film Commune. The conversations can be attended together or separately. More information below the programme.


11:45 Doors open
12:00 Sozdar and Ronahî welcome music
12:30 Fréderike Geerdink: The future of the Rojavan democratic experiment

13:30 Break

14:00 - 16:00 Conversation Diyar Hesso – filmmaker, co-founder Rojava Film Commune.
16:00 - 17:00 Drinks with special bites from the Werkgroep Eindhoven-Kobanê

Both events are free of charge and reservations are not necessary.

Fréderike Geerdink: The future of the Rojavan Democratic Experiment (before 14:00) (NL)

Journalist Fréderike Geerdink is a veteran reporter on the Rojavan question and a Turkey expert. She recently published 'Het vuur dooft nooit, een jaar bij de PKK' (The Fire Never Dies, A Year With The PKK) (2018, Het Spectrum). To write this book she stayed with the PKK for over a year as independent reporter. She obtained a unique perspective on the Kurdish Issue. In her lecture she will give her perspective on the Rojavan democratic experiment in North-Syria and she shall discuss her special practice as journalist.

Please note: the event before 14:00 will be in Dutch. 

Rojava Film Commune (after 14:00) (EN)

The Rojava Film Commune is the first organization of contemporary filmmakers that was founded during the Syrian Civil War in Kurdish region in North-Syria. Since 2015, the commune has educated a new generation of Rojavan filmmakers, organized screenings from cities to countryside, and produced its own unique films as part of the endeavour to reconstruct their society.

For the very first time, Rojava Film Commune co-founder Diyar Hesso will come to the Netherlands to show film fragments of the commune’s work and discuss the role of art and film in the context of political struggle and revolution. The Rojava revolution was not only a fight against the Islamic State, but also the beginning of a new social, feminist and ecological project in the Middle-East. And, as the Rojava Film Commune shows, also the beginning of a new revolutionary art.

During this gathering, various artists and cultural workers will join in conversation with Diyar Hesso to discuss the relation between art, film and political transformation. The event will be moderated by Chris Keulemans.

With Diyar Hesso (Rojava Film Commune); Kawa Nemir (poet); Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen (IDFA Film Festival); iLiana Fokianaki (State of Concept Athens); Chris Keulemans (writer and journalist), and many others. 

This event is part of the ongoing project “Museum as Parliament,” a collaboration between the Democratic Federation of North-Syria, the Kurdish Cultural Council of Eindhoven and Studio Jonas Staal.

The event after 14:00 will be in English.

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