GLOW special: A Place Beyond Belief

Gianni Colombo, Spazio Elastico, 1967-1968
Pink Twins, Parametronomicon (triptych), 2016
László Moholy-Nagy, Licht-Raum Modulator, (1922-1930) replica 1970. Collection Van Abbemuseum. Photo Peter Cox
Adam Barker-Mill, Colour Square, 2016
Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijs, Lumokinese, 2008
Nathan Coley, A place beyond belief, 2012
Tom Dekyvere, Tech Farm, 2016
Jimi Kleinbruinink, A matter of perspective, 2016
Dan Flavin, Monument on Mrs. Reppin's survival, 1966. Photo Peter Cox
Gianni Colombo, 0-220 V, 1976-1977

GLOW special: A Place Beyond Belief

12/11/2016 - 20/11/2016
the perception of reality and illusion created by light

During GLOW 2016 the Van Abbemuseum presents the exhibition A Place Beyond Belief, whichbrings together artworks by the first experimenters in the field of light art with new artists. László Moholy-Nagy, Dan Flavin, Adam Barker-Mill, Gianni Colombo, Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijs, Pink Twins, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Tom Dekyvere and Nathan Coley present the results of their fascinating research on the fusion of reality and illusion. Discover how light gives a strong sense of vision and at the same time introduces uncertainty to perception. Moreover, this exhibition allows visitors to follow the idea of combining art, technology and light from the start till today. This synthesis shows the eternal potential of space and time modulation. The artworks, situated both in the front garden of the museum and in the galleries of the old building, modulate our sense of reality by creating these illusions that provoke our perception. Together they form ”A Place Beyond Belief”.

The projects

A detailed description of the projects including pictures.

Both Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Mike Rijnierse and Willem Marijs transformed mechanical movement into visually powerful artworks. They created dynamic machines that play a colourful shadow game that changes the perception of space. The famous Licht-Raum Modulator (1930) by Moholy Nagy has been transformed by Ambianti BV and the TU/e into a three-dimensional light projection which is on show on the science route on the terrain of the university. The original is displayed in the museum. 

Also in the exhibition there is a grid room, Spazio Elastico (1967-1968) by Gianni Colombo, to create a three dimensional illusion. Another work of this artist, 0-220 V (1976-1977), is shown in relation to a new work by Adam Barker-Mill: Colour Square (2016). Colombo demonstrates the variety of light intensity and Barker-Mill shows the diversity of colour combinations. In addition, Pink Twins created a three channel video work Parametronomicon (2016) showing the virtual life of a biomechanical organism combined with sound. Moreover Jimi Kleinbruinink, winner of last year’s Foederer Talent Award, made a light installation especially for this exhibition. Dan Flavin’s Monument on Mrs. Reppin's survival is based on highlighting architecture and interior using simple geometric structures. 

Outside the museum, on the garden terrain near the entrance, Tom Dekyvere built a greenhouse with light plants ‘growing’ in it. Nathan Coley’s glowing sculpture A Place Beyond Belief (2012) can also be seen outside. It was recently acquired for the museum’s collection and is shown for the first time in Eindhoven. The work encourages us to think about the nature of beliefs related to religion or ideology. 

All artists combine the dynamics of light, technology and art. They modulate our sense of reality creating illusions to provoke our perception. Together they create A Place Beyond Belief.


This GLOW Special has an entrance fee. Buy your e-ticket ticket online for €4,- 
Tickets at the door: €5,- . Children age 12 and younger, Museum Card members, and BankGiro Loterij VIP card holders can visit the project free of charge. From Monday 14 until Thursday 17 November, the Eindhoven stadspas (city pass) will give you free entrance as well! 
Entrance via the front of the building (Bilderdijklaan 10). Cash register is situated at the entrance of the building.


Start your GLOW walk in the Van Abbemuseum, as A Place Beyond Belief can also be visited during daytime and early evening! Of course this GLOW Special is also accessible during GLOW opening hours.


A Place Beyond Belief can be visited during the regular opening hours of the museum and during the opening hours of GLOW:
Saturday 12 / Sunday 13 November: 11.00 to 24.00;
Monday 14 November: 17.00 to 23.00;
Tuesday 15 / Wednesday 16 November: 11.00 to 23.00;
Thursday 17 November: 11.00 to 23.00;
Friday 18 / Saturday 19 November: 11.00 to 24.00.
Sunday 20 November: 11.00 to 17.00.


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