In Poland, David Bowie was a woman - Library exhibition


In Poland, David Bowie was a woman Library exhibition

09/09/2018 - 18/11/2018

In Poland, David Bowie was a woman presents an inquiry into designing post-post-Soviet identity. Eight young artists and graphic designers, who grew up in Eastern Europe but now live in the West, present posters based on their own individual experiences, depicting their contemporary identities.

During communist times identity was constructed by the state, designed by constructivists for whom the reproductive quality of graphic design and print made it the art of the Soviet people. When design and art becomes a practice and statement of individualism, when identities and their signifiers are blurred and borders between East and West loosen up, what makes up our identities? Izabela Trojanowska, an 80s pop star in Poland, with her red stilettos, predatory hair and puffed shoulders can be seen as a symbol of the shift to porous identity, and the possibilities of playing with gender, national and political belonging.

This exhibition is curated by Julija Mockute.