Tour in sign language - for deaf and hard of hearing visitors

guided tour

Tour in sign language for deaf and hard of hearing visitors

14:00 - 15:30
unlimited van Abbe

Every first Sunday of every other month at 14:00 one of our deaf guides will give a free tour in sign language through one of the exhibitions of the museum. This tour is free, excluding the museum entrance. All tours are in Dutch sign language. In 2019 these tours take place in February, April, June, August, October and December. 

It's also possible to book Special Guests tours at different moments through


This guided tour is a part of the Special Guests programme of the Van Abbemuseum. With this programme we want the museum to be accessible to anyone, including the disabled. Special Guests comprises of additional programs, guided tours and modifications, and ensures an enrichment of the experience of art.  The experience of the museum and the artworks with all the senses is not just an additional value for its target audience, but is also a very special contribution of every other visitor, as well. The Van Abbemuseum is for ever curious visitor!

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