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For more than 80 years the Van Abbemuseum plays an important part in Eindhoven and beyond. Nowadays, it is one of the contemporary art museums in Europe.

Together with other companies, we want to create a cultural environment. We want to contribute to the innovative, creative region of Eindhoven by inspiring the world with our impulses. By working together with governments, educational institutions, media and companies, we create values at various levels – educational value, integrating value, collection value, amenities, and of course economic value. We are at our best when we can share our ideas and visions and only satisfied when we co-create values. We believe in cultural entrepreneurship. But we are only able to achieve this with the knowledge, experience and help from others. Therefore choose a culturally and appropriate contribution to one of or projects!

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If you would like more information or an exploratory conversation about sponsorship options, please get in touch with
Samantha Hoekema
T: +31 (0)40 238 2255

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