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Photo: Boudewijn Bollmann

The Van Abbemuseum receives generous support from the following funds:


As a production partner, Ammodo has been contributing to various exhibitions at the Van Abbemuseum since 2012. From the beginning, Ammodo has been involved in Positions, an exhibition series in which the work of several contemporary artists is shown side by side.

The Ammodo Foundation stimulates art and science. The organisation initiates and supports new projects within the visual arts and performing arts, and annually awards a science prize to outstanding researchers. With these activities, Ammodo promotes the renewal of society. Read more on the Ammodo website.

"We see Ammodo as a strong artistic partner. Thanks to their support, the Van Abbemuseum can continue to fulfil its pivotal role as a museum that launches artists of international significance in the Netherlands." - Charles Esche, director Van Abbemuseum

Fonds 21

Fonds 21 wants to contribute to and strengthen Dutch society. The fund finances and supports projects and initiatives within the three pillars of Art & Culture, Youth & Society, and Art & Education. They support professional art institutions that are working toward reaching larger or different audiences. They also pay attention to educational and other special projects and experiments for smaller audiences.

Cultural Participation Fund 

The Cultural Participation Fund has been tasked with making culture accessible for everyone. Accessibility is important for society and is also the key to revitalising the cultural landscape. By focusing on cultural participation, intangible heritage and cultural education, this governmental culture fund (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) promotes a culture that invites and facilitates everyone’s participation.

Mondriaan Fund

The Mondriaan Fund finances exhibitions and public programs in the Van Abbemuseum. The Mondriaan Fund is a public incentive fund for the visual arts and cultural heritage. It promotes special and innovative projects and activities by visual artists, intermediaries (curators and critics), museums and other heritage institutions, presentation institutions, archives, galleries and commissioning bodies. All of its contributions aim to stimulate the production and presentation of relevant visual arts and Dutch heritage in the Netherlands and abroad in those places where the market does not (yet) do so.

Turing Foundation

The Turing Foundation was founded in 2006 by Pieter Geelen and his wife Françoise, using the wealth he acquired as co-founder of TomTom NV. They chose to direct particular support to the four areas of nature, art, leprosy and education.  

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds connects people, worlds and ideas to bring culture to life. The foundation stimulates cultural initiatives and preserves cultural heritage with grants, funds, expertise, awards and commissions. 

The Rembrandt Society

De Vereniging Rembrandt protects and strengthens the art collection of the Netherlands. By helping to acquire, restore and research unique works of art. By helping to grow awareness of and involvement with the arts. By advocating for the Dutch art collection as a whole. All to ensure that generations to come can enjoy art that fascinates and inspires. 


The VriendenLoterij and the museum have been partners since 2007. In 2022, the VriendenLoterij extended its support for another five years. Thanks to the partnership, the museum receives an annual contribution of €200,000, plus an extra amount from participants in the lottery who play specifically for the Van Abbemuseum. The museum invests the total amount in acquisitions for the collection and promoting audience participation. Participants in the VriendenLoterij have free access to the Van Abbemuseum with their VIP card.

In 2014, the Special Guests program received an additional contribution from the VriendenLoterij's extra draw. In February 2020, the VriendenLoterij awarded a one-time contribution of €798,500 for the development of the inclusive, multi-voiced, and multi-sensory new collection presentation, Delinking and Relinking, on view through 2025. 

"With the exhibition Delinking and Relinking, the Museum Robot, and the Unlimited Van Abbe program, all made possible by the VriendenLoterij, the Van Abbemuseum is taking up a leading role in making museum visits accessible to people with diverse physical disabilities and cultural backgrounds. We look back with pride and gratitude on the exceptional results of fifteen years of partnership. But we are looking forward even more to the next five years and the continuation of this successful collaboration." - Anastasia van Gennip, Managing Director of Van Abbemuseum


VSBfonds is committed to enriching the quality of Dutch society and supports Van Abbemuseum projects that contribute to this aim. 


Zabawas is an independent fund. In line with the founders' no-nonsense attitude, the fund wants to contribute positively to Dutch society in the areas of culture, nature, education, sports, and medicine. It is committed to supporting pro-active, entrepreneurial initiatives.