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Aimée Zito Lema : Imprinted Mater

Notoadikusumo, S
Snijders, N

Lema, Aimée Zito
Div. doc.; 3 p ill
Brochure. - Met biografie
Located in: LEMA, AIMEE ZITO
VUBIS: 2:101127


Tent. Amsterdam, Looiersgracht 60, 21-09-2017, 29-10-2017. - Publicatie bij de tentoonstelling van de Argentijnse kunstenares Zito Lema die in haar werk de gemeenschappelijk processen onderzoekt achter geschiedenis, fotografie en geheugen. - Zito Lema’s work shows that history, photography and memory all have shared processes. Like memory, archives are malleable and caneven fade into oblivion. Experiences are formed through the way they are remembered and communicated to future generations if they are communicated at all. Locating and reprinting images that reference historical erasure, Zito Lema saturates archival ephemera withmeaning by reformatting them in novel, surprising ways. As the images take on these new forms in her work the pieces imultaneously act as a commentary on the human practice of archiving and (hi)storytelling. The publication, compellingly explores Zito Lema’s oeuvre and the relationship between memory and image.