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More than 140,000 titles: books, videos, (art) magazines, collection catalogues and more

Photo: Boudewijn Bollmann

About the library

The library has over 140 thousand titles, including books, exhibition and collection catalogues, national and international periodicals, videos, CDs and DVDs. This collection is particularly well endowed with artists books and other publications on Minimal Art, Conceptual Art and Fluxus. Besides publications, it includes invitations, posters and special productions such as multiples and editions.

Other special resources include the museum’s collection and exhibitions’ archive since 1936. The library strives to keep track of current developments in contemporary art though new acquisitions, gifts and exchanges with other museums. In exceptional cases, collections from external organizations find a place within that of the library.

Archive and library catalogue

The exhibition and museum archives form an integral part of the library’s collection. You can consult files for information on the history of the museum, its exhibitions and art collection.

The exhibition history can be accessed through the library’s online catalogue. The museum archives of the period 1933 till 1989 can be accessed online through the mediabank of the museum.