Tuesday to Sunday
11 AM - 5 PM

Daeun Lim : Evidence of very Recent Past

Lomme, F

Lim , Daeun
Boek; 56 p ill
Serie: Onomatopee ; -4 ; Nest project
Located in: LIM, DAEUN
VUBIS: 2:101636


Tent. Eindhoven, Onomatopee, 21-10-2017, 29-10-2017. - There is no state of (self) consciousness like that of man, at least to our knowledge. The idea that man is the measure of all things, even beyond space and time, is the ultimate, transcending form in the becoming of a subject. This little big world of Daeun Lim poetically illustrates and describes the timelessness of space from within the privacy of our domain. Within the psyche-channelled corresponding of time and space, we may partake in something super-sensory – previously filled under mystical experience –. Found simply in front of us, this challenge presents a chance to partake in something greater, even if it is just a small act. The turning of each page creates momentum: it directs our gaze at a thing or space, and offers a measured request to sharpen our focus. This encounter with the horizon creates a more intimate level to our environmental embedding.