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Love difference

Pistoletto , Michelangelo
Kluis ill
Kunstenaarsboek. - Blik met plastic deksel
VUBIS: 2:99959


Blik documenteert het gelijknamige project van de Italiaanse kunstenaar Michelangelo Pistoletto tijdens de Biënnale van Venetië 2003. - In 2003 Pistoletto was awarded the Venice Biennale’s Leone d’Oro alla Carriera. At the Biennale he presented Love Difference – Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic, a project begun in April 2002 and coordinated by Cittadellarte’s Politic Office. A large reflecting table shaped like the Mediterranean basin, surrounded by chairs coming from the different countries that border on the sea, is Pistoletto’s symbol of Love Difference. Around this table, in Venice and later in other places around the world, he presented and developed many of the activities of Love Difference. In the exhibition Pistoletto & Cittadellarte, The Table of Cultures, mounted in Mantua in 2005, he showed six large panels, entitled Mediterranean Seas, each reproducing the shape of a sea (the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caribbean Sea/Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea, Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea) that joins different cultures, becoming a mediator among lands, languages, political visions and religions.