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Marlow Moss

Dijkstra, F
Wright, A

Moss, Marlow
Boek; 48 p ill
Met lijst werken. - Met bio- en bibliografie
Located in: MOSS, MARLOW
VUBIS: 2:105594


Kleine monografie toont een overzicht van het werk van de Britse constructivistische kunstenares Marlow Moss (1890, 1958). - This is a biographical and artistic study of Marlow Moss (1890-1958), English constructivist. A history of her life and work is followed by a catalogue containing a complete survey of Moss's oeuvre. Using catalogue illustrations and the few works that have been included in public collections as her basis, and working on a scale of 1:2, Florette Dijkstra reconstructed Moss's paintings and reliefs, and later her objects and drawings. This enabled Djikstra to follow the steps that Moss took in her quest to express space, movement and light.