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How to Motivate Someone to Leave Voluntarily



Robert Glas

Currently not on display
Acquired in 2017
Inventory number 3410
met steun van / with support of Mondriaan Fonds

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With a series of works, Robert Glas responds to the reality of refugees in the Netherlands in the year 2016. Due to all the protests against the construction of refugee centers and the intense debate on the refugee issue, there's hardly any emphasis on the refugees' own perception. What does it mean to be a refugee in the Netherlands? What does the process look like from the inside? And where do refugees reside when they are refused asylum? The works provide an insight into the harsh and complex reality for refugees in the Netherlands.

The film ‘How to Motivate Someone to Leave Voluntarily’ reflects on the use of motivational interviewing – an interview technique originating from client-centered therapy – to persuade rejected asylum seekers to leave voluntarily. In this film a trainer in motivational interviewing (Menno Zwart), a director and two stage actors (Freerk Bos and Sabri Saad El Hamus) attempt to construct a realistic dialogue scene between ‘foreign national’ and departure.

- Exhibition text 2017 -