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I is somebody else



Julieta García Vazquez

Currently not on display
Acquired in 2017
Inventory number 3400
i.s.m. de bewoners van / i.c.w. the inhabitants of Woensel-West

The Van Abbemuseum Collection consists of over 3400 artworks. We publish texts and images on an ongoing basis, but this record is currently in the process of being documented.

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Woensel-West was constructed for Philips employees in the 1920s in Eindhoven. In order to make this nowadays outdated neighbourhood more attractive, a process of demolition and reconstruction was set in motion in 2010. TAAK and the Van Abbemuseum,asked Julieta García Vazquez to respond to this eventful period. Together with the residents, she developed plans to preserve the socio-cultural history of the neighbourhood.

The title 'I is somebody else' refers to the letter by the poet Arthur Rimbaud: ‘Je est un autre’ which is about the displacement of identity. The artist became a co-resident; the residents became fellow artists. Together they map the collective memory of the neighbourhood, which is based on individual stories. The video and wall text are accounts of this community project. Take a leaflet as a souvenir.