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Leylâ Gediz

Currently not on display
Acquired in 2016
Inventory number 3390
met steun van / with support of Mondriaan Fonds

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Leyla Gediz lives and works in Istanbul, the capital of a former world empire with a rich history and mix of cultures. In her paintings she attempts to grasp the complexity of that place and of major events in the world. Her intuition tells her which images she should choose, images which are then meticulously reproduced in her paintings.

'Palmyra' is an archeological site in Homs, Syria, which is famous for its rich cultural heritage. In 2015, parts of the site were destroyed. The place was abandoned, robbed of its history and alienated from itself, like the eye-catching object on the table, which is trying to recall some vague memory of what it once was.