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Doina Kraal

Berg, M van den
Lomme, F
Bleyleben, N
Roodnat, J
Tiecke, T

Kraal, Doina
Boek; 208 p ill
Kunstenaarsboek. - Serie: Onomatopee ; 138 / Cabinet project
Located in: KRAAL, DOINA
VUBIS: 2:101641


Tent. Eindhoven, Onomatopee, 06-04-2017, 14-05-2017. - This book is part travel log of things encountered and part sensory quest to revive our ability to marvel at the things that are right in front of us. It offers a window through which we can perceive endless different realities, up close and from a distance, suggesting a wondrous alternative to the earthly mundane.