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Yael Davids

Wilson, E
Mevis & Van Deursen ,

Davids, Yael
Kluis; 157 p ill
Kunstenaarsboek. - Serie: Roma Publication ; 313. - Geniet
Located in: DAVIDS, YAEL
VUBIS: 2:101488


Kunstenaarsboek documenteert installaties en performances van de Israëlische kunstenaar Yael Davids in de afgelopen vijf jaar. - This publication compiles material of performances and installations produced during a five year period, featuring scripts, and documentation of the works Ending with Glass, Learning to Imitate in Absentia, Obliterating an Image, The Distance between V and W, Objects in Diaspora, and A Reading That Loves - a Physical Act, of which the last two were shown at documenta 14. Yael Davids positions the reception of her performances and installations as a constitute force in her practice. Each performance repeats what has preceded, yet also expands, modifies, and nuances the previous version. Through this practice of perpetually attuning the central components of the work - voice, body and object - a series of augmented repetitions turns into a single composition, a single artwork.